It all started in 1951 when my dad, Angel Gomez, decided to rent a place to settle down and sell all the products he was, at that time, selling in pilgrimages of Vizcaya. He rents a former tailoring store of about 50 metres and sells candies, chocolates, pralines and other goodies. He rents this place for 8 years until he moves to a bigger store at the number thirteen on the same street. During this period, I fondly remember among its customers the women who sold with a basket at the door of the cinema, candy, cigarettes, licorice, etc..Everything per units !

Some years later in 1984 I pick up the baton of my father’s small entreprise and I have th opprtunity to settle down in the place where I actually am : a place full of history because it used to be the old and famous Oribe pharmacy.

Today I remain faithful to the baking recipes that some Granny trusted me and others that I create myself.

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